About Us

As children of patriotism nurtured by mother Lanka, we, team would like to let you know the fact that, it is no secret that we Srilankans encountered a catastrophe which left scars in our hearts by an ethnic war which shook our mother land known as “pearl of Indian ocean” for more than 30 years.

During this time, Srilanka had to face lot of difficulties in order to give her best to the locals as well the foreigners.

After Peace and tranquility over took hatred in the year 2009 by the outmost grace and mercy of almighty god, this gorgeous nation known for her breathtaking sceneries and historical elegance, stood once again in making the global population re-experience all which it missed in the most amazing mechanism. It provided its very best to all visitors in a very unique fashion which history had never seen. 

Even Srilanka managed to reach its peaks of success in such a tremendous mode, second to none other.

We team can humbly but genuinely express the fact that world renowned “lonely planet”, listed our splendid nation to the “top (first ) rank for travel in 2019”.

But unfortunately our mother nation had to face an unexpected terror attack on Easter Sunday (April 21st) and an ethnic related attacks in June. Due to these tragedies, many people from all around the world had to withhold their decision to visit this great nation.

Despite the rating as a risk nation to visit, our relevant authorities managed to bring peace again and make this as a risk free and a lovely place to visit. As a result nations who had put travel restrictions, started to lift them step by step.

Hence we team decided to build an online portal and invite people from all around the world to enjoy their Safe travels yet again, unsurpassed experiences and a lifetime of memories in Srikanka. That will be the purpose of your visit and that will be our mission. 

As, our goal is quite simple:

To invite and welcome guests to the heart of Srilanka and make them feel the best.

This is the time to like and make others to like SRILANKA.

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