Galle Coast

Lighthouse Beach

You are done admiring the beauty of the tall Lighthouse in Galle, then you should walk down to the beach that it superintends, also called Lighthouse Beach

Pitiwella Beach

Pitiwella Beach is situated in Pitiwella village in Galle. It is a great area to enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of the Galle Fort but not too far away from the historic Dutch Fort either.

Galle Harbor

Galle Harbor is a natural harbor, located in Galle, south-western coast of Sri Lanka. Currently Galle port serves as one of the most active regional ports in the country and it is also the only Sri Lankan port that provides facilities for pleasure yachts.

Galle Fort Clock Tower

The Galle Fort Clock Tower is situated in Galle Fort. It overlooks the central moon Bastion which also happens to be the site of the old guard room.

Historical Mansion Museum

The Historical Mansion Museum is a Dutch house restored into a museum situated in Leyn Baan Street in Galle Fort. The museum is owned by a long time resident of Galle Fort and may very well be the largest private museum in the country.

Old Gate- Galle Fort

The Old Gate is yet another remains of the British from their times in Galle. On one outside area of the Galle Fort is this Old Gate which is an arty carving of a coat of arms tops.

Meeran Jumma Mosque

Devotees spend some time outside on the lawn as they watch the mosque in awe of its charm. The mosque allows even the women to enter provided they are dressed decently

Galle Lighthouse

Galle Lighthouse also is known as Pointe De Galle Light is Sri Lanka’s oldest light station. Established in 1848 as the first onshore lighthouse in Galle.

Sea Turtle Hatchery

Some people of Sri Lanka have dedicated their lives to animals around the Seas, and the Sea Turtle Hatchery is run by one such family. Every member is steadfast towards helping out the sea turtles who need medical help, or those who are pregnant.

Japanese Peace Pagoda

The Japanese Peace Pagoda is for all those people who are looking for inner peace and some time for introspection. This tranquil structure built not so long ago is perched on top of the Rumassala Hill from where you can see the expansive ocean and the thick jungles.

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