Kandy Garrison Cemetery

British Garrison Cemetery (also known as the Kandy Garrison Cemetery) is a British cemetery in Kandy, Sri Lanka, for British nationals who died in Ceylon. It was established in 1817 just after British captured the Kandy and closed in 1873 due to a ban on burials within the municipal limits.

Hunnasgiriya Waterfall

Hunasfalls Waterfall is situated in Elkaduwa in the Matale district. It is 48 meters in height and is also known as “Hunnasgiriya Waterfall”. It is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by scenic views where many people love to bathe.

Pitawala Pathana

Pitawala Pathana is unique grassland found in Riverstone, Matale. The grassland has great ecological value and is situated by the side of the Rattota – Illukkumbura Road. It spreads over an area of approximately 10 hectares and has many species of animals and plants out of which some are endemic.

National Spice Garden

National Spice Garden is situated in Matale. It is the Central Research Station of the Department of Export Agriculture in Matale. National Spice Garden is a unique center for learning about Sri Lankan spices and experiencing the real spices of the country.

Sirilak Spice and Herbal Botanical Garden

Sirilak Spice and Herbal Botanical Garden is a spice and herbal garden situated in Kawudupelella in Matale. The garden consists of many valuable spices, herbs and medicinal plants in Sri Lanka.

Ritigala Kanda

Ritigala situated between Polonnaruwa and the old town of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka is a hilly forest and a place of Buddhist worship. The monastery is named after the 40m tall Ritigala trees in the mid slopes of the hill; this Buddhist monastery has inscriptions that date back to 1st century BC.

Millennium Elephant Foundation

Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF) a family run non-government organization (NGO) which is dedicated to improving the welfare of domestic elephants throughout Sri Lanka. MEF was started in 1999 in memory of Sam Samrasinghe.

Aluviharaya Cave Temple

The Aluviharaya cave temple in Sri Lanka has a library containing a gallery of antiques ranging from Buddhist statues made out of clay, brass, marble, while some of them have been gold plated. There are also very valuable Buddha statues gifted by Siam, Cambodia, China, Japan, and Myanmar, together with other archaeological artifacts.

Sera Ella Waterfall

This pretty and unassuming waterfall, Sera Ella, hides an exciting secret in its midst. A dry but cool cavies hidden behind the curtain of water as it flows down the rock face. It can be reached, even when the waterfall is in full flow, using the steps cut into the rockslide.

Oak Ray Creations Batik Gallery

Oak Ray Creations Batik Gallery is located in Matale. Batik has been both an art and a craft for centuries. In Sri Lanka, some of the finest batik cloth in the world is made here.

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