Moragahakanda Dam

Moragahakanda Dam is a high gravity dam situated in the Matale district. Moragahakanda Dam has a height of approximately 65 m. The dam has created the Moragahakanda Reservoir which is the last and largest reservoir of the Mahaweli Project.

Victoria Dam

The dam is 520 meters long, 122 meters high and has a width of 6 meters at the crest and 25 meters at the base. The dam was built as a double curvature arch dam.

Kotmale Reservoir

The Kotmale Reservoir which is nestled in the central highlands of the country between hills is indeed a breathtaking view. When watching its cool, clear waters ripple in the gentle breeze which blows across the vast expanse of water.

Dambana Vedda village

Veddas were originally hunter-gatherers, with the women of the tribe staying at home to tend to the family. They used bows and arrows to hunt game, and also gathered wild plants and honey. But now they are being forced to do farming.

Bambarakiri Ella

Bambarakiri Ella waterfall is situated in the picturesque Knuckles mountain range, close to Rattota town in Matale District. It is a small fall of 3 meters in height. Caution should be taken when bathing here as it has claimed the lives of many.

Rathna Ella Fall

Rathna Ella Fall is situated in Rathna Ella Village – Hasalaka, Mahiyanganaya. This beautiful waterfall stands at a majestic height of 111 meters. It is the 9th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

Mapakada Lake

Enjoy a relaxing boat ride along the tranquil waters of The Mapakada Lake. Let our local boatman be your guide and share with you the natural wonders that abound within the calm waters and the surrounding breathtaking landscape of the Namunukula (Nine peaks) mountain range.

Mahiyangana Raja Maha Vihara

Mahiyangana (Bintenna in Sinhalese) is located to the East of the central hills of the island. It is within easy access of many major towns such as Badulla, Kandy, Ampara, Monaragala and Kandy.

Riverston Peak/Mini Worlds’ End

The Riverston Peak in Sri Lanka can be reached by travelling, about 30km away from the Matale town, down the Matale – Girandurukotte Road.

Lankatilaka Temple

The Lankatilaka Raja Maha Vihara is located in Hiyarapitiya in the Udunuwara area of Kandy, Sri Lanka’s hill capital.

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