South Coast

Yudaganawa Temple

Yudaganawa Temple is located in Buttala Divisional Secretariat division of the Monaragala District of Uva Province, Sri Lanka. This has been identified as the largest ancient stupa in the Uva Province.The origin of this stupa is not yet clear.

Dambegoda Bodhisattva Statue

Dambegoda is near Okkampitiya in the Buttala Divisional Secretariat Division of the Monaragala District of the Uva Province.

Maligawila Buddha Statue

The Maligawila Buddha statue is a standing statue of the Buddha in Sri Lanka and has been carved out of a large limestone rock during the 7th century by a prince named Agrabodhi. It is the tallest free-standing ancient statue of the Buddha found in the country.

Kirivehera Temple

Kirivehera at Kataragama in the Southern Province is prominent. According to the historical evidence, Kirivehera was known as Magulmahaseya.


Buduruwagala is located about 5 km from the Wellawaya on the Thanamalwila road. The name Buduruwagala means “the rock with the statue of Buddha” And this is exactly what it is. Seven figured are carved in this rock with a massive 51 foot Buddha statue in the Abhaya Mudra gesture at the centre.

Kataragama temple

The Kataragama temple is one of the ancient sites which are revered by Hindus, Buddhists as well as the Veddas. The temple also attracts many people from South India.

Dickwella Beach

The Dickwella beach is a tranquil, peaceful and large gold beach in the Dickwella town of Sri Lanka. The main Dickwella beach has a length of two kilometers.

Polhena Beach

Situated in the southern tip of Sri Lanka, the beach is famous for swimming and sunbathing. It’s a 2.5–3-hour drive from the airport through the southern expressway. The beach is just 45 km to the east of Galle city and just 5 km from Matara city.

Great Basses Reef Lighthouse

Great Basses reef and the Little Basses reef are two rock formations on the south-east coast of Sri Lanka. Locals call these ‘Maha Ravana’ and Kuda Ravana’ reefs respectively.

Tissa Wewa

Tissa Wewa is an artificial lake in Tissamaharama, around 20 minutes away from the coastal town of Kirinda. Picturesque views, birdlife sightings and pleasant walks are the staples of a visit to this stunning lake.

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