Beruwela Beach


Kalutara is situated approximately 42km south of Colombo. Once a spice trading post, Kalutara was controlled variously by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. The town is famous for quality bamboo basket and mats and the most luscious mangosteens.The 38-meter long Kalutara Bridge was built at the mouth of the Kalu Ganga River and serves as a major link between the country’s Western and Southern border. At the southern end of the bridge lies the 3 stories-high Kalutara Vihara, a Buddhist temple built in the 1960s which holds the distinction of being the only stupa in the world that is hollow.

Beruwela , an old town and home of Sri Lanka’s first Moor Muslim settlements. Possessing the ‘Golden Mile’ beach which is a mile long stretch of golden sands lined with many hotels and restaurants, this town promises to deliver an atmosphere of a tropical paradise.