Bopath Falls


Bopath falls is located in Rathnapura district of Sri Lanka. The district by itself stands at an elevation of 130m. Water gushes forth from a mountain cliff, whose crevices appear so minute, it makes one wonder how the water flows at that velocity.Yet again nature surprises us and gives birth to the marvel that is the Bopath falls. The Bopath falls in Rathnapura is an absolute treat to the eyes. The falls derives its name from the fig tree or the sacred “bo tree”. The falls are shaped like the leaves of the Bo tree and hence the title. The Bo tree since early ages was a sign of wisdom, counsel, knowledge understanding and enlightenment; a visit to the Bopath is nothing short of this experience.

The waters fall steeply at certain cuts and gradients, and then flows back again. The serenity of the falls is topped with the winds that strike at early dawn and the evenings. Water splashes out of the pool and onto the rocks, if you’re there it will shower you too. Bliss is guaranteed in Bopath! Legend has it that the Bopath falls hides a treasure trove which intensifies the eeriness of this place. The lush green climbers and creepers along the falls and the vast area surrounding trickling waters are ideal for a swim. The cold waters tickle the ribs making for a fun time with nature.