Castlereagh Reservoir


The Castlereagh Reservoir is one of Sri Lanka’s best-kept secrets; hidden in a valley and circled by tall green peaks, the reservoir is perhaps the most idyllic location in the hill country. The reservoir looks like something straight out of a fairytale: from a distance, the cool waters have an aquamarine tinge to it- which looks even more stunning when encircled by the green mountains- but the closer you get it becomes apparent the water is actually crystal clear. The vegetation around the reservoir ranges from alpine forests to well-groomed tea bushes.

The Reservoir’s Useful Features

Apart from being incredibly beautiful, the reservoir is also vital for its adjoining power station, and it provides most of the electricity in the area. The reservoir also has an ‘airport’, since the drive to Hatton can be quite tedious; many people opt for taking a seaplane from Colombo which lands on the reservoir! A sight which would definitely excite anyone!

A Hub for Fun-filled Activities

Visiting the reservoir is a wonderful activity for anyone whether you’re travelling with your partner, family or a group of friends. There are a whole host of outdoor activities on offer in the area: you can canoe along the cool clear waters of the reservoir, you could cycle through the surrounding hills, or you could simply enjoy a picnic on the banks of the reservoir. If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing getaway, there are some quaint bungalows along the reservoir’s banks which make the ultimate idyllic getaway.

Source: Love Sri Lanka