Historical Mansion Museum


The Historical Mansion Museum is a Dutch house restored into a museum situated in Leyn Baan Street in Galle Fort. The museum is owned by a long time resident of Galle Fort and may very well be the largest private museum in the country. It also includes a Dutch well in the courtyard which dates back to 1763. The museum consists of antique typewriters, jewelry, cameras, VOC China and many more colonial artifacts. Apart from this history comes alive where there are live presentations of traditional crafts such as ‘beeralu’ lace embroidery, gem cutting and polishing. Everything on display at this museum is also for sale.

Here’s another place for the history enthusiasts who do not just want to look at the remains from ancient times, but also want to buy some for their collection back at home. A number of antiques from the Dutch period like the typewriters, jewelers, cameras, lamps etc. are on exhibit on the valuable shelves of this private museum.

A visit to the gem house is a wowing experience that will let you witness live embroidery and also the cutting & shaping of sapphire. The Dutch-era well is not just a wonderful relic to look at, but also a great place to grab some pictures.