Kurullangala Prehistoric Cave Art


Kurullangala is a rocky outcrop in the Karandagolla area belonging to the Ella Divisional Secretariat.  At the seemingly difficult to reach top of this rocky mountain consists a wall of cave art in a style never observed anywhere in the country.Almost perfectly proportioned line drawings of huge birds, peacocks, humans and other unidentifiable rock art which some believe to be over 5000 years old.

The drawings has been spread over a large area of the rock surface and some drawings are drawn so high up on rock which are almost impossible to reach. But most of the drawings has faded due to being directly exposed to elements of nature for thousands of years. In some area the painted layer of rock seems to have broken away at some time in the past.

Almost 100 meters above these paintings are two bird paintings on a rock call called Pettigala which is impossible to reach. All the drawings uses a red ink for lines. The artists hand print is visible in few areas.