Meeran Jumma Mosque


Built logically facing the angle of Mecca, the Meeran Jumma Mosque is another structure that demands an alluring visit when walking around the Galle Fort lanes. The inside of the mosque is sheer beauty of well-done Italian flooring, arresting chandeliers, artistic glasses and huge corridors which puts this mosque on a ‘must-see’ list of places to visit in Galle. 

Devotees spend some time outside on the lawn as they watch the mosque in awe of its charm. The mosque allows even the women to enter provided they are dressed decently. In the latest renovations, they even added another prayer room only for the women. 

Facing the lighthouse, this beautifully maintained whitewashed building is a highly unusual construction combining eclectic architectural features that include a dash of baroque, British Victorian and Islamic detailing. Its facade is more reminiscent of a Portuguese cathedral than a mosque. There’s no general admission, but non-Muslims may be invited to enter if dressed appropriately. Inside there’s a wonderful little mihrab, complete with small decorative domes, and some attractive floor tiling.