Muthurajawela Wetlands


Literally translated to the ‘Swamp of Royal Treasure’, the Muthurajawela Wetlands does not disappoint, as the marshy land is a haven for a great many species of flora and fauna, especially in the form of aquatic birds. Due to its vast biodiversity that empowers the unique ecosystem, the marsh land is considered to be one of the 12 priority wetlands in Sri Lanka. Coupled with the fact that the wetlands are relatively unknown to many a traveller, the Muthurajawela Wetlands is an idyllic setting for the wildlife junkie to explore.

Teeming with an abundance of wildlife surrounded by lush greenery and mangroves, the Muthurajawela Wetlands serve to be an exemplary sanctuary of biodiversity that cultivates some of the more unique ecosystems of the country, making it perfect for the nature lover to delve into. What makes it all the more enticing is the boat excursions that begin from the famed Hamilton Canal, allowing you to witness all the natural splendour it has to offer, making it perfect for the wildlife junkie to click away at the many chirping birds, the elusive crocodiles and, if you are lucky, the globally threatened Gray Slender Loris.

Source: knowsrilanka