Narangala is a picturesque and magnificent mountain situated in the Badulla district of Uva province. The beautiful Narangala Mountain has risen up about 1527m and is the second highest mountain in the Uva province. It provides few number of absolute views within the tropical island. Also the reasonable challenge that Narangala hike makes more worthy the tour and favourite among hikers.

Narangala the golden peak consists of two sections (upper section and section part). When you reach the upper section of the Narangala mountain you will witness the foremost exceptionally beautiful sceneries you have ever encounter in your life. If you are able to be at top of mountain in the early morning before sunrise, you will be a lucky person to see the utmost beautiful sunrise ever seen in your life of Nayabadda Madolsima area, Narangala is located between namunukola range and hortain plaines.



Badulla – Hali ela – Kandegedara – Keenakele – Thangamale watta – Return back on the same route 


  • Depature from Colombo Fort to Badulla.
  • Reaching Badulla.
  • Reaching Keenekele to Thangamale Devalaya.
  • Starting the hike.
  • Return on Same Route.


Most of the times the weather is normal and it’s dangerous to hike if it is the rainy season.

Hiking Details

  • Hiking SpotNarangala Peak
  • Things To WearHiking boots with a good grip, warm clothing
  • Duration1 Hour 30 Minutes Maximum

Things to Note

  • Water BottlesTake Maximum ammount of Water You Can
  • Shoes must need to WearYou may accross heavy steps and difficuilt Climbs
  • CampafireCamping tent and Other Stuffs can be rented from Village People for Cheap
Additional Info
  • Foods arrangmentsCan be bought from Bandarawala town or Keenekala Village People
  • Contact Details - Tent Renting Phone - 0764741885
  • Contact Details - Food arrangements Jayathilaka - 0716951202
Things need to Wear and Take

Hiking boots with a good grip

Warm Clothing

Water Bottles and Energy Bars

Bug repellent