Shri Ponnambalawaneswaram Kovil

Sri Ponnambalawaneswaram is one only few solid granite temples still existent in Sri Lanka. Many were destroyed either during the ravages of time, war or during the various foreign invasions.

Sri Kaileswaram Temple

The temple was built in Maradana, Colombo by a group of Indian Chetti traders known as ‘Thiruvilanga Nakarathar’ who moved to Sri Lanka for business two hundred years ago.

Kathiresan Pillayar Temple

Old Kathiresan Temple is a massive century old Hindu cultural site hidden amongst the busy business centre of Colombo City.

Sathutu Uyana

Sathutu Uyana is an amusement park situated on Aluthmawatha Road in Colombo 15. It is the perfect place to spend time with family and kids as there are many forms of activities and rides suitable for both kids and adults.

Royal Colombo Golf Club

Established in the year 1880, The Royal Colombo Golf Club is located in Colombo at the Anderson Golf Course and is the oldest golf course in Colombo.

St Anthony s Church

In Sri Lanka, St. Anthony has many devotees and several Churches have been erected in his honour. Perhaps the most popular one that daily attracts people of every cast, creed or race is the one at Kochchikade

Premadasa Cricket Stadium Colombo

In 2009, the stadium underwent large-scale renovations worth some eight million rupees for the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup.

St. Lucia’s Cathedral

Initially this cathedral was a small chapel of wood and Cadjan, said to have been built by the Oratorian Fathers in the year 1760 during the Dutch rule of old Ceylon.

Gangaramaya Temple

One of the most prominent Buddhist temples in Colombo City, Gangaramaya Temple houses an extensive collection of artefacts.

Colombo Fort

Colombo city is an exciting place especially where the Colombo Fort District is concerned. The Fort was primarily built by the Portuguese and developed by the Dutch after invading the Portuguese regime.

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