East Coast

Thangamale Bird Sanctuary

Located at Haputale, Thangamale is a forested zone on the hillside near Adisham Hall; it is popularly known as the Thangamale Bird Sanctuary.

Hoods Tower Naval Museum at Trincomalee

The Hoods Tower Naval Museum is located in the Trincomalee peninsular on a high ridge overlooking the entrance to the inner harbor of Trincomalee within the Sri Lanka Navy Dockyard.

Robert Knox’s Tamarind Tree at Muttur

The two Knoxes sailed for Persia in January 1658 in a ship named Anne. They suffered the loss of the ship’s mast in a storm on 19 November 1659, forcing them to anchor the ship at Koddiyar Bay in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.


Panama is situated close to the Kumana National Park and is considered to be the farthermost village in this area. Consisting of five divisions.

Gokanna Viharaya at Trincomalee

Acording to Chronicles, Gokanna Viharaya was built by Mahasen in 3rd century at the top of rock where the Koneswaram Kovil stands today.

Maduru Oya National Park

Established under the Mahaweli development project, Maduru Oya National Park is one of the not so famous national parks in Sri Lanka

Batticaloa Fort

Batticaloa is known as the “land of the singing fish” and is surrounded by lagoons and home to a very important landmark; the Batticaloa fort, the smallest Dutch fort.

Kattankudy Heritage Museum

Kattankudy Heritage Museum is center which exhibits the rich cultural heritage of the Muslim community in the area as well as the Muslims in Sri Lanka in general.

Batticaloa Lagoon

Sri Lanka is blessed with calm and beautiful lagoons. Batticaloa Lagoon is another beautiful vast lagoon in the Batticaloa District of Eastern Sri Lanka.

Kallady Bridge

The Kallady Bridge that connects the suburb of Kallady to the main city of Batticaloa, is a unique bridge that is shrouded in history and legend.

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