Bopath Falls


The Bopath Falls cascades in the shape of a bo (Ficus religiosa) tree (hence its name) and is the most comprehensively studied fall in Sri Lanka. Its source is the Kurugana River that later joins the Kaluganga River at Kurugaomaodara.The average temperature of the area is 26.9 – 27.8 degrees Celsius and the annual rainfall of the fall’s catchment area is 5080mm. The mean speed of the flow is 6 cubic metres per second. The upper reach of the fall is made up of granite and biotite virin, and is covered by sand. The water from the fall irrigates the paddy fields of the Udakada and Kuruwita areas.

When you are visiting the Ratnapura district, this waterfalls is a must visit. This major Sri Lankan waterfall is shaped in the form of a Bo tree and thus it derives the Boptah. The falls originates from Kuru Ganga and cascades down a stepped hill. The cascading water is a beautiful sight to see. The forest around the waterfall is rich in biodiversity. Not only this, there is also a folklore running about the place. The locals consider the place to be haunted and also believe that a treasure trove lies hidden within the waterfall.