Buddhist Museum World


The International Buddhist Museum or World Buddhist Museum is the first of its kind in the world and is in the cultural and administrative capital of Sri Lanka Kandy. It is nestled in the complex that once served as the King’s residence along with the National Museum and Temple of the Tooth; hence its structure exhibits royalty, grandeur and elegance at its best. It compiles Buddhism, the extensive history of its teachings and depth of knowledge through scrolls, artifacts and souvenirs from all over the world.

The contributions of over 17 countries can be seen here including India, Pakistan, Japan and China. The inception of Buddhism in the above countries and its applications, showcasing Buddha’s message and how it diverges into the modern world is the purpose of this museum. The World Buddhist museum hosts paintings, photographs, models and creative works of art for the days of yore. The museum spans two floors and over 20 rooms. It is aligned in a way as to induce one’s mind to a sense of simplicity, peace and spirituality away from the chaos that prevails outside. There is an air-conditioned souvenir shop at the exit of the museum that holds religious articles and gorgeous miniature takeaways.  All in all, the World Buddhist museum has a name in the global front and brings forth serenity and enlightenment of mind and body!