Charty Beach


The white sandy beach which is nearly 15km away from Jaffna, the main city of North gives gorgeous scenery to the remote area. The beach is curved and in the mini Island of Nothern Province called as Velanai or sometimes it also called as kayts.
Although the area was isolated for three decades due to civilian war but seems to be a good holiday destination with number of resorts at present. The beach is fringed with coconut, palmyrah and many other varieties along the shore. Sunny weather and sandy shore of the Charty/Chaddy attracts tourists. Rest huts and changing rooms are available for the visitors around the beach. Charty is a peaceful, scenic venue to relax and free from crowd. The sea water mingles with calm breeze to please the bather.
Restaurants and eateries are found near the beach where the travellers can extend their relaxation. The lonely Charty beach is a good holiday venue where anyone can enjoy with their family.