Fort Hammenheil – Jaffna


Fort Hammenheil is a Portuguese fort located in Jaffna District. When compare with the rest of the other historical forts in Sri Lanka, Fort Hammenheil is a special. This fort is located in a small island in Indian Ocean.

History of Fort Hammenheil

Fort Hammenheil was constructed by Portuguese during 17th century. When Dutch invaded Sri Lanka, they captured this fort in year 1658. They named it as Hammenhiel, which comes from Hammen-hiel (heel of the ham). Some reconstruction of the fort was done by them in year 1680. In the recent history, this fort is used as place to detain prisoners.

By the end of 30 years of conflict in Sri Lanka, this fort was converted to a boutique hotel and currently runs under Sri Lankan Navy administration.

Fort Hammenheil Hotel

Fort Hammenheil Hotel consists of only four air-conditioned rooms, actually old day cells, converted to visitor rooms by adding some amenities.

Visitors have to reach the hotel by a boat. The ride take only few minutes from the reception point at Jaffna main land. On you arrival to the hotel, you will be welcomed with bugler trumpets by Fort soldiers, who are in Dutch uniforms.

Food will be served in Hotel restaurant in the main land and they kept a boat ready when ever you wish to go.

Spending a day in this hotel will add you a memorable travel experience. From this point you can see the sun rise over the eastern Horizon in the morning and the sunset over the west in evening . Same time you will get a 360 degree views of the Palk Straight.