Galle Face Green


Located in the heart of the business capital of of the country; Colombo, the Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka is a five hectare ocean-side urban park, which stretches for a half kilometre along the coast.

It is a magnificent place to witness a marvelous sun set over western coast of Sri lanka. The area was initially put to plan and laid out in 1859 by Governor Sir Henry George Ward, although the original Galle Face Green extended over a much larger area than is seen today.

The Galle Face Green in Sri Lanka was initially used for many recreational activities. These include activities such as horse racing and golf. It was also used as an area to play cricket, polo, football tennis and rugby.

History and the Name

The originally planned Galle face extended over a much larger area than what can be seen today. The promenade was initially laid out by the Dutch for a military purpose. They used it as a means to enable their cannons a strategic line of fire against the Portuguese. One version of how the name Galle Face is derived, is that it is from the original Dutch name for the fortifications.

After many years of planning and hard work the promenade was subsequently completed in 1859.