Kandarodei / Kadurugoda Buddhist Temple


Kantharodai is the first archaeological site that found in the Jaffna, Northern Province. Nearly 62 dagobas were found during the excavation and they were built using limestone. According to archaeologists these stupas are date back to 2nd century. In legends it is stated that the stupas consist of buried fossils related to number of Buddhist monks who lived in Jaffna at that time and expired due to huger. The nearby collection of Kantharodai and which are now placed in Jaffna museum, witness for the existence of Buddhism in Jaffna.The collection of some coins, Buddha statue, stone inscriptions & some foreign materials reveals that the area was famous for trade and influenced by Buddhism.
Mostly the religious believers from South used to visit here but also the students from all over the nation make a visit. The tourists from India stated that these are nearly equal to the sanchi stupa of India.