Kandy Lake


The sea of Milk or Kiri Muhuda as it is dearly called by the people is an artificial lake bordering the Royal Palace and Royal Gardens. The lake corresponds to the monastery, royalty and overall culture and beliefs of the people; it has elements of historical importance associated with it as it. Boat rides on the lake is a fun way to spend an evening here. There are local boat operators who offer tours of Kandy Lake and thereby a view of the royal city and its natural scenic beauty.

The pathway around Kandy Lake stretches for 2.1 miles and is perfect for a walk, jog or even some early morning yoga. It provides a panoramic view of the hills and the town, the famous Temple of the Tooth, and the queens bathing pavilion near the lake. One can soak in the greenery of the adjacent Udawattekele forest reserve and watch the sunset.The lake surrounds itself with rich fauna and flora bestowed with age-old Nuga trees, palm trees, fruit trees, Sal trees and Mara trees. The Kandy lake also provides a bird’s eye view of the entire province. Despite modernisation, the uniqueness and antiquity of the city remain; it gives you the chills as it takes you on a trip down the old memory lane. Daybreak and sundown are the absolute best times to visit Kandy Lake. The dewy sun-kissed skies turn blue with a tinge of orange, and there is no sight like it.