Kanniya Hot Water Spring


Kanniya Hot Springs is a site with hot water wells located in Eastern Province, Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka. Average temperature of these wells is 42 Celsius and the temperature is slightly different to one another.  Kanniya Hot spring is popular tourist destination in Trincomalee district and both local & foreign travelers.  Currently this is managed by Pradeshiya Sabha (Local Council) of Trincomalee. People in this area believe that this hot water is good for some skin deceases and it has healing power for Arthritis and Rheumatic.

The legend of the Kanniya Hot Springs dates back to more than 5000 years ago when Ravana was the ruler of Sri Lanka. It is a belief that he raised his sword in anger in several parts of the Earth which has later emerged into the hot springs. The hot springs get the name ‘Kanniya’ after his mother. The wells were also considered as an ancient site used for cleaning and purification by the Buddhist. The Mari Amman Kovil now maintains the wells in collaboration with the authorities of the Sri Lankan military.