Keeri Beach


When considering the many beautiful beaches that Sri Lanka has to offer, the country’s southern and western coasts receive the lion’s share of attention. Some beach towns have been dedicated to the enjoyment of its visitors and have thus attracted throngs of tourists to flock to its golden shores. However, untouched tropical beaches that are secluded and pristine, like Keeri Beach, can be found around the entire country.

A Beach with Interesting Features

Mannar is one of the four districts of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province. Mannar Island is connected to the northern mainland through a causeway. A mere five kilometers from its main town, Keeri Beach is known to locals for its sunny location and excellent swimming spots. The beach is bordered by a small forest of palm trees that is home to several tribes of monkeys, so if choosing Keeri Beach for a picnic, guests should ensure that no food items are left behind for the monkeys to steal. Remember to apply copious amounts of sunscreen before frolicking in the refreshing waters!