Mannar Fort


History lovers can find a big andmark of the past era by visiting the Mannar Fort in Sri Lanka. Renowned by the names, Mark Kai and Mannaram Balakotuwa in Tamil and Sinhalese languages respectively, this fort is a major landmark on Mannar Island. The Portuguese built it in 1560 during their rule. The Dutch rulers captured it and began rebuilding it in 1658 until its complete remodeling in 1696.

While Dutch surrendered before the British in 1795, this fort came under the latters rule. This uniquely designed, square-shaped fort appeals to all tourists to explore the four bastions and its architectural beauty at its location of connecting point of mainland Sri Lanka with Mannar Island through a bridge.The Sri Lankan Railway Authority currently occupies and looks after this fort. This is one of the best places to visit in Mannar, Sri Lanka for those who have an inclination towards history.