Anuradhapura is a famous historical town of Sri Lanka which has many famous archaeological sites and monuments. Thuparamaya is one among them. Thuparamaya is located near some famous points such as Basawakulama tank and Ruwanwelisaya stupa.

Thuparamaya was built on 250BC, which states that soon after the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. It clearly states that Thuparamaya is the first stupa of the Island after the introduction. Thuparamaya is a stupa as well as a monastery or Aramaya (residential complex for monks) and the name Thuparamaya (THUPA – stupa, ARAMAYA – monastery) clearly describes it. The stupa was enshrined with the collar bone of Lord Buddha which was gifted by King Ashoka for the establishment of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The original shape of the stupa was paddy heap but after many reconstructions the shape was changed like bell. The present structure was changed only after 1862. There is evidence for the existence of unique structure called vatadage on this stupa. Vatadage is a stupa house which built for the protection of stupa and relic. The available pillars around the stupa witness for that. During early centuries the vatadage was decorated with silver and gold. It results for many invasions and destructions on the stupa (eg. by cholas from South India). Guard stones, moon stone, a small stupa and a well built using granite stones are available around the Thuparamaya.