Vallipuram Alvar Vishnu Kovil


One of the major archaeological monuments in Jaffna and a sacred place of worship to Hindus, the Vallipuram Alvar Vishnu Kovil is considered to be one of the oldest kovils in the whole of Jaffna. Shrouded in ancient religious text and legend, the kovil proves to be a curious one to history enthusiasts, as it shows evidence of peaceful coexistence between Hindus and Buddhists in the area, dating back to the 1st century AC, making it an historical melting pot of culture as well.

The Vallipuram Alvar Vishnu Kovil is famed for its legendary status, in which the Hindu deity ‘Lord Vishnu’ is heavily featured, thus making it a domain for the deity and is immortalised by Vishnu’s ‘chakkaram’ (disc) that is placed within the sanctum.The temple is also known for hosting a display of colourful pageantry, in the form of the Vallipuram annual festival that is held annually during the months of either, August, September or October, depending on the lunar calendar.