Yodha Wewa


The Yodha Wewa in Mannar is one of the largest tanks in the island and was it was built by King Dhatusena (459-477) by damming and diverting water from the Malwatu-oya.  Known as Manawatu Wewa in the ancient times, the tank is fed by a 25 km ancient canal, recently restored, which carries water from the Malwatu Oya River.

British irrigation engineers who discovered Yoda Weva (Giant’s Tank) in the 19th century failed to comprehend the design of this tank which was in ruins and considered a great failure. Sir James Emerson Tennent in 1860 wrote in his publication” Ceylon – an account of the island physical, historical, and topographical with notices or its natural history It exists since many centuries thus remains a popular landmark in the region. As Giants Tank is easily accessible by roadways and railways, people from all nooks and corners of Sri Lanka, especially tourists, plan their visit here. They enjoy spending good times at this location.